There’s a special moment when the breath meets the heartbeat, and time stands still. The pull to move with the music emerges, and hesitancy falls away. Sheena Legrand channels this in “Back To Life” - her latest offering to the world since 3 full length albums as Sheena Grobb.

Listening to her music, there is a comfort, a familiarity, a remembering who we are. Expect this WCMA-nominated indie-folk/pop songwriter and multi-instrumentalist to serve us a generous helping of sweet melodic hooks, intricate keys, and delicately layered vocals reminiscent of her earlier work, with an electrifying live loop experience that will be sure to get your body moving.

Sheena’s songwriting reflects the inner strength, playfulness, and electricity that exists when standing on the edge of our infinite potential. Her audiences live happily on that edge with her where the journey really begins.

Check out Sheena’s latest release “Green Light” - now available on all platforms. This is the songbird’s first commercial single in 10 years, and a celebration for anyone finding their way ‘back to life’.
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Genre: Pop
Sub Genres: Adult Contemporary / Folk / Lyrical
Influences: Loreena McKennitt, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Damien Rice, Ani Difranco, Alanis Morissette

Sheena's mastering engineer on The Breakless Heart, is Alex Wharton. Alex has remastered The Beatles and John Lennon, mastered number one albums by Keane, Radiohead, Massive Attack, and Coldplay among many others. His direct summation of Sheena's album and music is as follows:

"It is without a doubt a masterpiece of songwriting and soundscape.  Really incredible, soulful music.  She will definitely get a huge audience in time, trust me."  - Alex Wharton, Abbey Road Studio

"Sheena Grobb (Legrand)'s sophomore LP, the aptly titled Grow, is a powerful, beautiful and important record — these are some of the most personal songs a Winnipeg singer/songwriter has performed in a long time. Grobb (Legrand)’s velvety vocals float easily over the acoustic guitar and piano-based compositions, and her lyrics are as comforting as they are empowering. Her vocals shine over the sparse instrumentation of tracks such as Careless and Shoelace & Velcro, and work equally well in upbeat pop songs such as the Beatles-esque Diggin’ In."  - Nick Friesen, Uptown Magazine

"Dulcet tones and sweet melodies underline Sheena Grobb (Legrand)’s passion and talent.  She blew Brandonites away"  - Brandon Sun Performance Review

"Grobb (Legrand)'s courage to step out of the safe spaces pays off with poetic lyrics, varied styles, syncopated rhythms, beautifully discordant piano stylings, jazzy guitar licks and a breathy, pure and powerful voice. Musically, Safe Guarded Space is stunningly diverse, with flowing quartet accompaniment, classical guitar sequences, funky drumming and Grobb (Legrand)'s unique and soothing vocals and harmonies."  - Herizons Magazine,  Album Review

"Sheena Grobb (Legrand) is one of the best songwriters I have ever heard!"  - Legendary Radio Host Howard Manshein

"If you aren't already familiar with Sheena's music, Google her and have a listen. Outstanding. Having her perform in your home would be incredible."  - Laurie Mustard, Winnipeg Sun

"A rising star amongst Canadian singer-songwriters, Sheena Grobb (Legrand) is headed out on a tour with Montréal's Allison Lickley in advance of the release of her sencond album, which should be out by the end of the summer.  Not only is Grobb (Legrand)'s newest album anticipated, but it's pretty much a lock that this show will be awesome." - Edmonton Vue Weekly

"Sheena Grobb (Legrand) is in the spotlight tonight!  The Winnipeg Folk Festival's Winter Wassail will honour British troubadour Billy Bragg and spotlight Sheena Grobb (Legrand) (right)."  - Carolin Vesely, Winnipeg Free Press

"The (Women's History Month Kick Off) event featured a performance by singer, songwriter, pianist and guitar player Sheena Grobb (Legrand), a rising musical star with a deep commitment to women’s issues.  “While we look back with pride this month on the many accomplishments of women over the years, we are also encouraged by the passion and energy of those who continue to strive to achieve social change locally, nationally and globally,” said Honorable MP Nancy Allan.  “Sheena’s strong, beautiful voice complements the strength of her commitment to women’s issues such as breast cancer and violence against women.” – The Winnipeg Free Press


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