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Upcoming Show:
Winnipeg Dec. 19th... Tickets on sale now!

Join Sheena Grobb and her incredible band of friends and musicians for a night of songs, stories, and connection through music. 
As the year comes to a close... as the holidays get ever so near... maybe you could use a reminder that there are others around you also holding a vision for hope, love, and the courage to live as we were truly born to!  Inviting our fullest potentials... creating our clearest manifestations... allowing for our dearest held dreams.

Joined by:

Keith Macpherson (guitar, vocals)
Kristjanna Oleson (violin, viola)
Crystal White (double bass)

And more to come!....

Are you aware that I'm giving talks, school visits, staff retreats, and one-on-one coaching sessions on The Bio-Emotive Framework alongside Dr. Doug Tataryn?  It changed my life and the way I connect within relationships, and I believe it also altered the progression of my stress-related illness.  Check out my TED talk HERE or contact me personally at to book an appointment or for more information.

SHEENA GROBB TEDx Winnipeg 2015 - Our Health and our Lives are Incredibly Fragile - I Found This Out at 16

My "Meme" from Tad Hargrave's "So You Think You Can Niche" Contest... A fun process to play around with!


June 4 - Private House Concert (Oakville, MB)
June 12 - "The Heart Of It:  One-Day MS Young Adult Conference
June 13 - Tree of Life Ceremony - Transplant MB
June 16 - Green Kids 25th Anniversary Party - Manitoba Theatre for Young People,  7-11pm
June 17 - Private House Concert (Brandon, MB)
June 18 - Private House Party (Regina, SK) - Go Riders!!
June 21 - Private House Party (Winnipeg, MB) - Happy Birthday Suki!!
July 4, 6, 7 - JustTV Kids Music Camps - call Laura at 204-421-9253
July 17 - "Woven Stories" Workshop with Heather Korlak - Moongate B&B - 1-4pm
July 23 - Private Wedding - Congratulations Brody and Kristy!!
Aug. 14 - Private Wedding - Congratulations Christina and Adam
Aug. 19, 20, 21 - I AM festival -
Aug. 22, 24, 26 - JustTV Kids Music Camps - call Laura at 204-421-9253
Sept 30 - Private House Party


Nov. 24th - Just TV at the WECC - 7pm
Dec. 3 - 8 - CAPS Convention, Halifax
Dec. 10 - Moksha Yoga Kildonan - 8:30pm
Dec. 12 - Heather Grobb (my Mom!!) - 60th birthday jam
Dec. 17 - Shaw TV Ho Ho Hotline Television show - 6:30-7:30pm
Dec. 18 - Lisa Scrivens: A Night In Heaven - TICKETS HERE
Feb. 20 - BIG SHOW!!! Save the date!!!!
Aug. 20-21 - I Am. Festival - visit

Follow our journey with The Living Compassion Project
Let us know if you would like to get involved.

Lincoln - live performance 

Live performance from the September 14, 2014 CD Release of The Breakless Heart at the West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg, MB.

The Living Compassion Project (Part 3)

Details released about the release of The Breakless Heart.
Two shows - September 14 & 17, 2014
West End Cultural Centre
Doors 7:30pm  Show 8:00pm

Tickets available at

The Living Compassion Project (Part 2)

Everybody has a story. Are you ready to tell yours?
Share your story.

The Living Compassion Project (Part 1)

Where a picture is worth a thousand words… a video is worth a million.

This is the first of a series of videos I’m co-creating with photographer/videographer/multi-talented artist/dear friend Julie Epp leading up to my Official CD Release of “The Breakless Heart” (Fall 2014).  So keep checking back!
Some of you may know the story, but in 2011, Les Wiens did something that ultimately kept my biggest dream alive.  He partially funded my third album and hosted a concert for me that prompted 200 people in his community to pre-purchase it.  This single act of kindness had a profound effect on me... more significant than he could have ever known.  Through whatever struggles arose, it was an agreement that wouldn't let me give up on myself.  Three years later, I'm thrilled to be releasing "The Breakless Heart".

I was impacted so significantly that I’m now moved to pass on the gift I received. This gave way to "The Living Compassion Project"... more details coming soon.

Official Video Release of "Get Out Alive"
Featuring Kathryn McCormick and Robert Roldan with "So You Think You Can Dance"
Choreographed by Lindsay Nelko

Official Release of "The Breakless Heart" Video!!!

I am overjoyed to be releasing the video for the title track off my upcoming album "The Breakless Heart"!!

Click here to purchase for $1.49, or receive it instantly with a pre-purchase of the entire album set to release May 6, 2014 for $19.99.  Click here for more details...

Happy Birthday Whitney... I loved singing your songs (into a hair brush) as a kid. Nothing's changed.